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Jane Askey

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Jane is British painter exploring ideas through a wide range of media. Jane was born in North Staffordshire and studied Printed Textile Design at Manchester Polytechnic in 1980s, she subsequently worked as a freelance textile designer and lecturer.  Teaching and inspiring students for thirty years, combining this with a career in painting and designing. In 2018 she made the decision to focus full-time on her painting career. She has lived in many places throughout the UK. She now paints in her rural studio in Shropshire. “My paintings explore contrasts: the broad painterly sweep of the sky and the sea against the specific drawn details of human habitation. I often search for an elevated viewpoint to observe the order and structure of the man-made within the landscape, combining contrasting approaches of fluid gestural mark making and specific linear details. Certain landscapes I return to  again and again finding new ways to interpret and reinterpret the key elements that make that place special. Exploring an idea using mixed media  layering and editing until I feel I have communicated the sense of a place or thing is an important part of my creative practice.”   Dark River and Pink Sunset Clifton Polygon Lane cool morning light Walk into the Storm Clifton